Jerusalem Panorama key chain | Messianic key chains made in Bethlehem Holy Land

    A key chain depicting a Jerusalem scene. Quantity orders at $1.0 each
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    Holy city of Jerusalem

    The city of Jerusalem is a significant city in a number of religious traditions, including the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which is considered a holy city. Some of the most sacred places for each of these religions are found in Jerusalem and the one shared between all three is the Temple Mount.

    Model size 4cm excluded the split ring and connections

    The split ring is made of steel and not iron which means that when the ring is stretched to add / insert the key it will close and return to its normal position while if made of iron it remains partially open.

    Our key chains are casted at our foundry in Bethlehem - Holy Land and will be shipped from Bethlehem
    • Model: 1871604031
    • Manufacturer:Bethlehem Casting Co.

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    Length 4.00 cm
    Width 3.50 cm