Jerusalem Cross keychain, Crusaders cross, Catholic keychains made in Bethlehem

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    The Jerusalem Cross also known The Crusaders Cross

    The Jerusalem Cross also known as the Crusaders Cross has become a central symbol in Christianity for it represents the connection of Jesus to the Holy Land and Jerusalem.  Jerusalem Crosses are collected as souvenirs while at the same time marking ancient churches and holy sites in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Cross is often worn as jewelry or hung on the walls of houses. It has also become part of the coat-of arms and symbol of the Franciscan Custodia Terra Sancta - the pope appointed guardians or custodians of the Christian Holy Land sites.

    The Jerusalem Cross is a regular or symmetrically even cross which ends with a "T" shape, known as Tau Crosses - representing the old Testament and surrounded by 4 equal smaller Greek Crosses, symbolic of the New Testament.

    The Jerusalem Cross is mostly linked to the legacy of Jesus and bequest to spread the gospel to the 4 corners of world. Some believe the four small crosses can be interpreted as the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Others believe the small crosses symbolize the wounds of Christs hands and feet while the larger cross represents the wound to his side inflicted by the Roman guards. 

    The Jerusalem Cross symbolizes centuries of faith. Its origin is believed to be rooted in the time of the Crusaders during the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem ruled the holy city from 1099 to 1187. This period was one of the richest periods in Christian history which is why the Jerusalem cross is often jewelled and lush. 

    According to some historical evidence, Godfrey de Bouillon was the first to use the Jerusalem Cross as a distinct symbol. A leader within the Crusader orders, De Bouillon believed that the cross is the symbol of Jesus Christ and the city of Jerusalem which stands in the center of Christianity.

    Our keychains are made in Bethlehem Holy land at our foundry, high quality casting with fine details and excellent polishing. 

    The split ring attached on the charm is made of steel not iron, steel split rings when stretched to add / insert the keys it will close and return to its normal position while if iron it remains partially open. 

    Material: Zinc alloy 
    Polish: Silver tone 
    Model:  Jerusalem cross keychain, Crusaders cross  
    Category: Catholic keychains 
    Charm Size: 4cm * 4cm  / 1.57" * 1.57" 
    Total length: 9cm / 3.54" 
    Made in Bethlehem Holy Land 
    Keychain factory: Bethlehem Casting Co. 

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    30.00 gLength 9.00 cm
    Width 4.00 cm