Queen Esther - Anointing Oil 7.5 ml.

Perfumed Olive Oil Anointing Oil - Queen Esther

Perfumed Olive Oil Anointing Oil - Queen Esther

King Ahasuerus choose Esther, an orphaned Jewish child raised in Persia by Mordecai, her cousin, to replace the recalcitrant queen Vashti. Haman, the king advisor, plotted against the Jews, making a plan to kill and extirpate all Jews throughout the Persian Empire. Esther told the king of Haman's plan, and so acknowledged her own Jewish ethnicity. The king was enraged and ordered Haman to be hanged on the gallows he had built for Mordecai. In celebration of saving Persia Jews, Jews established an annual feast, the feast of Purim, in memory of this deliverance.

Size 7.5ml. - 1/4oz.
  • Model: 60014
  • Manufacturer: Ein Gedi cosmetics

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